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Reiki and Pregnancy

Recently a client asked me if I knew of any instances where Reiki had helped infertility. I answered as a matter of fact I do know of one case. I had a student in my class last March who had undergone treatment for infertility taking medications without positive results. She had nearly given up on the idea of having a child. During her Reiki I and II weekend she remarked to the others in the class that she had felt something 'pop' in her lower abdomen. Approximately 6 weeks after the class I received an email from her that she had become pregnant after she returned from her Reiki training weekend. She delivered a healthy baby last November.

In another situation I had a client who was four months pregnant when she decided to take a Reiki I workshop. During her attunement, Tonya experienced the baby responding to the energy flow. As her pregnancy progressed she gave 'Noah' reiki treatments. After his birth he was nicknamed the 'Reiki Baby', as he was so relaxed and contented. Tonya says that on many occasions it appears that Noah reaches out to exchange Reiki energy with her and others. She has also used Reiki to help him through teething, childhood falls, and illnesses.

Another Reiki client of mine heard about the positive benefits of having a 'Reiki Baby' and decided to take a Reiki I and II workshop after she found out she was pregnant. The week of the class, Victoria was told that she was carrying twins. After becoming a Reiki Practitioner, Victoria gave her 'boys' a Reiki treatment every day. She was able to carry the twins almost to full term and reports that they are easy to care for, whenever they are fussy she gives them Reiki and they calm down.

I had a student this past summer question me about a statement she had read in a book on Reiki which said that Reiki should never be given to a women late in her pregnancy. She asked for my reaction to the statement. I told her I expected it came from the thought that the Reiki energy might cause labor to prematurely start. I did not believe that to be true because I knew from my private practice and from my students that Reiki had only benefited them during their pregnancy. I also believe very strongly that 'Reiki can never cause harm' and is appropriate for all situations, therefore can be used at any point in the pregnancy for the highest good.

There is a differing opinion among Reiki Masters regarding the unborn baby receiving an attunement to the Reiki energy. Some feel that as the mother is being attuned the baby is also being attuned to Reiki. Others disagree, saying that the baby is in no way part of the attunement process. I personally feel that since the baby is part of the mother's energy system during the attunement process he/she receives the benefit of the attunement. There is a connection or bond between the baby and Reiki. Does this mean that the baby is a Reiki Practitioner, only spirit knows the answer to that question? I do know that 'Reiki Babies' seem to respond to the world around them differently than other babies.

I realize that there is no controlled scientific study in these cases, however there is certainly evidence that the use of Reiki before, during, and after pregnancy has positive results both for the mother and baby. My daughter, Wayles (who is a Reiki Master), and I have talked about her future pregnancies. There is no question, she will be receiving a Reiki attunement during her pregnancy and will use the Reiki daily during pregnancy for the health and contentment of her baby and herself.

The Reiki Symbols

One of the joys of Reiki is learning and using the Reiki symbols. We are more connected to the source of divine guidance, intelligence and power once we are attuned to Second Degree Reiki and given the symbols. The power of the symbols becomes clear to us when we begin to use them. How and what they can be used for is a question often asked. The symbols and their uses are discussed at length in 'Reiki: The Healing Touch,' the Reiki I & II manual by William Rand. This article describes the power symbol and the mental/emotional symbols in ways that I have been inspired to use them.

Being a visual person, I have found that the symbols, if I look at them in a certain way, often tell me what they do. The lines and the shapes of the symbols have a meaning and energy of their own.

The Power Symbol
The power symbol, when translated, means 'put the power of the universe here.' The top horizontal line represents 'shiva' or the male energy of the universe. The line coming down represents the energy coming down to earth or down the spinal column. The spiral represents 'shakti,' the female, or earth energy. The spiral then crosses the vertical line seven times representing the seven chakras.
To me, that spiral often represents a cocoon of protective energy, much like being in a labyrinth. The power symbol can be used to create a sacred or protective space around you. You can imagine yourself within that spiral, protected by Reiki energy. If you feel threatened by people around you, or are surrounded by negativity, you can imagine yourself within that labyrinth and the Reiki energy creates a protective field around you. The energy vibrates around you and sends the energy out as well. Another example is that if someone is verbally attacking you, you can envision a power symbol in front of you, protecting you like a shield and keeping their negativity out of your energy field.
Before I send my children to school each morning, I put a power symbol over the top of their head with the intent that they are surrounded and protected by Reiki energy all day. This can be done with pets as well.

Putting the power symbol on each chakra and in the palms of your hands, clears your channel and empowers your hands before giving a treatment. Placing the power symbol over the crown of the person's head creates a cocoon of Reiki energy around the client and a sacred space to work in. Putting the symbol over the back of the heart and end of the spine (low back) when you end the treatment seals the energy in.
The power symbol can be visualized in the palm of your hand when you go to shake someone's hand. This way you are bringing the power of Reiki to your encounter and giving the other person a blessing.

Placing the power symbol on medication before you take it has the effect of helping your body to receive the medication with the least side effects. The power symbol placed over your meal before you eat serves as a blessing for the food, removal of negative energies by anyone that handled the food, and receiving the food so that it truly nourishes your body.

One of my favorite ways to use the power symbol is when I fly. I have a Reiki ritual that includes visualizing the distant healing symbol laying down in front of the plane and becoming a 'Reiki bridge' of safety to my destination. Then I imagine the power symbol spiral coming down over the nose of the plane to the tail (including the wings), placing the entire plane in a protective cocoon of Reiki energy.
The Mental/Emotional Symbol
This symbol translates to mean 'God and humanity become one.' The sharp angles on the left side of the symbol represent logical, linear, or male side of the brain. The curves on the right side represent the intuitive, creative, imaginative or female side or right brain. So one can see how using this symbol balances the left and right sides of the brain and helps in any mental (thinking, analyzing, studying) or emotional (feeling) situation.

The mental/emotional symbol can be used on yourself (or others) when feelings of fear, anxiety, anger or depression come up. The Reiki energy helps to calm the emotion and help one see clearly. It is often said that many illnesses begin as blocked emotions. The next time an uncomfortable emotion (fear, sadness, anxiety, anger) comes up (for you or your client), don't try to stop it. It is there for a reason. Take a deep breath, activate the symbol, place your hands on your heart chakra and solar plexus chakra and give yourself Reiki. Imagine the power symbol there as well. Stay with the emotion and allow yourself to feel it. Wait with it. Thank it for coming up. And then release it.

Other uses for the mental/emotional symbol are when trying to learn something new. You can place the symbol on the paper or book, asking that Reiki energy help you to understand it more easily or clearly. Or, place your hands on top of your head, activate the symbol, and allow it to relax your brain so concepts or ideas will enter (and stay) more readily.

This symbol is also helpful in healing relationships. This can be between friends, lovers, family, peers, bosses, etc. What the Reiki energy does when this symbol is used is harmonize the situation between people. It helps calm the emotions so one can see the situation clearly or see it from the other person's perspective. Reiki cannot be used to control the relationship, but works for the highest good. Reiki brings about the best outcome for the relationship and/or the situation.

A visualization that I use when asking for healing between two people is to imagine that the two people are standing on opposite sides of the mental/emotional symbol. The Reiki energy comes up like a cloud of smoke and fills the symbol. The energy then comes out of the symbol and surrounds the two people involved in a cocoon of Reiki energy so that they are bathed in healing energy.

These are just a few ways that you can use the symbols. Allow yourself to work with them more closely, feel their energy, meditate with them, and let them tell you what they do.

Know Your Reiki Guides...

the Art of Listening
Isn't it interesting how the Universe brings lessons to our attention repeatedly, until we listen? The other day I observed my friend Michael having a telephone conversation with a business associate. I was amazed at how often Michael was interrupted by the person he was talking too. Every time Michael would attempt to answer a question, the other person talked over him, and he never had a chance to fully answer. Shortly after this, I observed a couple in a restaurant, and they too were talking over each other, and neither was hearing what the other was saying. They weren’t arguing, simply trying to have a conversation. Then in the grocery store, a little boy was trying to tell his father something, and it was as if the boy were invisible, he was never even acknowledged. Suddenly I felt a little twinge in my heart, that I hadn't noticed for a long time. I knew that twinge was a signal from my higher self and my guides. I have felt this in the past just before I received a message, or inspiration about something in my life.

I began to reflect on the art of listening and recent events in my life. As I did this I had one of those A ha! moments. There has been an unusual amount of confusion in my life lately, at times I felt overwhelmed by all the sudden changes, and just couldn’t seem to get clarity on some issues. I had become a little disappointed with this unusual lack of connection with my spiritual guidance. As I was pondering on this lesson in listening, I realized that I had allowed all the upheaval in my life to prevent me from tuning into my heart. I was trying to sort things out mentally, and I was not hearing my heart's message.

Then I thought of all the times students have asked me How can I talk to my guides, how do I know they are there? My answer to this question has always been Listen with your heart.

If I need guidance I find it works best for me to stop whatever I am doing, take a deep breath, say a prayer, invoke the distant healing symbol, and ask that the Reiki energy help connect me with my guides. When I feel the energy flowing, I will ask a specific question, stay very quiet and pay attention to what I hear. Now I don't usually audibly hear voices, but I FEEL them.
For example, I knew I was to move to a new home in Colorado, however I wasn't sure where. To discern this, I asked my guides to tell me where my next home was to be. Then I just felt a warm glowing sensation in my heart, and had an idea of a place that I had never been, but was feeling very curious about. I immediately went to this area, and within two hours had found my new home.

This same technique applies for me when I am doing Reiki treatments on others. When I find an area of the person's body that has a blockage, and I feel that we need additional information about this, I use the same process of connecting with my guides to receive a specific answer.

Two things that I have learned about communicating with guides is that they take many forms, and if they are acknowledged and thanked they appreciate it and then teach me more.
When we are frustrated because we don't feel our guides presence, it is simply because we have placed a veil between ourselves and our guidance. We do this in many ways but the most common ways are by holding an expectation of the form the guide should take, trying too hard, staying so busy that we don't allow ourselves the opportunity to listen, or by focusing our attention on what others are doing rather than on our own thoughts, feelings, actions and behavior.

Listening is a healing art. I learned this years ago by observing some of my greatest teachers. They each had this amazing ability to make me feel like I was the only person on the planet during the time I was talking with them. I never doubted that they truly heard what I was saying.

I find this important to do, especially when working with clients and students. It is very healing to know that someone cares enough to really listen. Sometimes I find it helpful to invoke the distant symbol when I am having a pre-treatment dialogue with a client. In this case I do so with the intention a bridge of light connects our higher-selves and guides, and that we are conversing from our higher minds and hearts. This enables me to hear things that may not be verbalized but are important to the healing session.

In closing, I would like to borrow a phrase from the Course in Miracles, “Every encounter is a holy encounter. If we remember this whenever someone speaks to us, we have an opportunity to be Divinely blessed by simply giving that person our undivided attention, really hearing what they have to say, and listening with our hearts..

In the Light of the Creator... We See Only Love

Reiki In India

Reiki is being practiced all over India and is very popular. It seems to have gotten started about 1992. Then in 1994, one of my students, William Hawu began teaching all levels of Reiki and it took off. There are now an estimated 1,000,000 people practicing Reiki in India and the numbers keep growing. One thing we noticed is that Indians are into Reiki for the healing benefits and they really practice Reiki. With a large population of poor, Reiki is a solution for low income people and we heard many Reiki success stories from all over India. We taught 5 classes in Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai with a total of 140 students. Because of the low income of most Indians, we adjusted the cost of the classes so it was afordable.

While there we also spent 3 days at the the Sai Baba ashram in Putaparty. Baba does 2 darshans a day and we were at 5. I took pictures of the World Peace Crystal Grids for both the North and South Pole and wrote prayers on them. I asked that the World Reiki community would be united in love and work together in harmony, I asked also that the WPCGs would be charged by Baba for world peace and I also asked that Baba help me on my path as a Reiki leader. As he came by during darshan, I held out the pictures and he came over, felt the energy and then accepted them. So, Baba has blessed the World Reiki community and because of this, I am sure we will now see a major difference in how all the groups of Reiki people get along with each other. I received many spiritual blessings while I was there and plan to return to spend even more time in the future.

We were so well received and encouraged that we have set up a branch of the ICRT with offices in Delhi and will likely open other offices in cities around India. We will be publishing a special edition of the Reiki News just for India and will also have a special web page. We will also be looking at property in the foot hills of the Himalayas near Dharmasala and are making plans to open an International Reiki Spa and training center there. There are plans for a world Reiki event in Goa in January 2001 with several well known International Reiki masters who will be speaking and giving workshops. The spiritual foundation of Reiki is easily understood and accepted and the devotion of the people is very strong. They want to know as much as possible about how to practice and use Reiki and most are doing lots of treatments. There are several Reiki newsletters and many Reiki Centers, some with as many as 1000 members. Prices for classes range from 400Rs ($10) for Reiki I to 20,000Rs ($475) for Master. With a population approaching 1 Billion and a middle class of 3-400 million who enjoy a standard of living equal to western Europe, India is a most interesting mix of economic, educational and religious backgrounds and all seem to get along well. It will be an exciting experience to watch as the Reiki movement grows and matures there

Expressing the Joy of Reiki

After practicing Reiki for years, many of us know from experience that Reiki is a great healer. Reiki treatments have healed or greatly improved major and minor illnesses and medical conditions of every kind. And while a cure cannot be guaranteed, we know that there are many reported cases of major illness being healed through the use of Reiki that have often been verified with medical records. And when a complete healing does not take place, almost always the person’s condition improves in one way or another. Also, we know that Reiki improves the results of other forms of medical treatment, acting to quicken healing after surgery, shorten hospital time and decrease the negative effects of treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation, or drug therapy. Nurses love Reiki as they find it helps the patient relax, improves sleep, decreases anxiety, increases appetite, reduces pain etc.

So, we know that Reiki heals, and this is a wonderful gift that has been used to relieve the suffering of thousands of people all over the world. But what about other possibilities for its use? In the Reiki Ideals, Dr. Usui calls Reiki the secret art of inviting happiness and on the Usui Memorial stone at the Saihoji temple in Tokyo, Reiki is called the ancient secret method for gaining happiness. So, here we have a clear indication that Reiki has a purpose other than healing. But how many have taken the time to explore this use?

Most people want happiness, yet how often do we really pursue it? Here is an experiment that will allow you to experience the secret art of inviting happiness right now! Begin doing Reiki on yourself. Once the energy starts flowing, begin repeating this affirmation. I ask that the joy of Reiki will continuously express through me. Say this affirmation over and over and keep going for 10 to 15 minutes or more. If you have any issues you are working on, any challenging situations, or any aches or pains in your body or medical or psychological conditions, focus on them as you say this affirmation. As you read this article, I ask you to not just read, but go ahead and try what I am suggesting right now! Stop reading for a moment, place your hands on yourself, ask Reiki to flow and repeat this affirmation over and over: I ask that the joy of Reiki will continuously express through me. Try this now!

So, what did you feel? Has your level of joy increased? If you were feeling depressed, or down, or upset in any way, has this lessened? Are things starting to shift toward a more positive state of mind? Are you feeling better? Keep doing it and remember to do it whenever you get a spare moment throughout the day.

As you continue with this experiment, you may also find that opposing, negative thoughts or feelings may be stimulated and come to the surface of your mind. If this happens, focus on what comes up and continue to do Reiki on yourself and repeat the affirmation I ask that the joy of Reiki will continuously express through me. As you do this, these negative feelings will be healed. They may dissolve or they may be released or transformed in some way!

After doing this exercise off and on for a few hours or so, you may notice that joyous feelings come over you unexpectedly even when you are not doing the exercise. Let it happen and give thanks for this wonderful experience that is developing in you. You may also notice that your conversations are more lively, animated and filled with interesting comments and that you make friends more easily and have a more positive attitude toward yourself and others!

Your creativity will be enhanced, you will be more productive and also find it much easier to exercise, diet, or do anything that is healthy! Another interesting experience is that aches and pains or other ailments you have been experiencing will be reduced or eliminated. This is because the joy you are experiencing is not ordinary joy, but because it comes from Reiki, it's healing joy! It is being generated from within and is a very powerful healing energy.

I believe that the reason this exercise is so powerful is that it activates the two qualities Dr. Usui stated Reiki to have: The ability to create happiness and the ability to heal. So I recommend you practice this exercise everyday! And also tell all your Reiki friends about it. If you are a Reiki teacher, ask your students to try it. Remember, as a wise person once said: “It is better to feel good, than to feel bad. So activate your Reiki joy and share it with others. It will make the world a better place. May the power of Reiki bless your every moment.

How We Got Reiki Into The Hospitals

This is the story of how we balanced intuition and strategy, and learned to patiently follow the thread of openness of others who supported our intention to build the Reiki Clinic in the Department of Oncology at Women & Infants Hospital in Providence, Rhode Island. The first thing we did was to write a letter introducing ourselves to Dr. Cornelius "Skip" Granai, Head of the Department of Oncology. The Department had a Complementary Care Program underway, but no Reiki had been offered. We were invited to a series of four interviews and demonstrations with different levels of staff.

This process took nine long months, which often left us thinking that we might be wasting our time. At the first demonstration/interview, we submitted a formally written proposal for bringing Reiki into the hospital one morning a week, letters of recommendation, and client evaluations of our work. We made copies available for all who attended. Simultaneously, we applied to and were accepted by, the Rhode Island State Nurse's Association to offer Reiki training for nursing CEUs. This further enhanced our credibility.

After our first interview fortified our outer intention, we used a visual affirmation to strengthen our inner intention to become active members of the Complementary Care Team. We each made a collage that included photographs of our faces, which we glued onto a photograph of the hospital staff. We also included images of material ease and abundance, directing our energy toward fair compensation for our services. At present, everyone on the Complementary Care Team works on a volunteer basis; however, a fund-raiser has been planned for the purpose of generating financial support for our work.

Prior to our interviews, we developed our vocabulary so we could express our healing concepts in medical terminology. During the interviews, we focused on finding common ground. We spoke of Reiki's value as a technique for stress reduction, defining it as "energy nutrition" and an effective touch therapy. We found that the concept of Mind/Body/Spirit connection was acceptable, but avoided references to channeling, auras, energy fields, guides, and spirituality. We endeavored to "normalize" Reiki, to meet pragmatic scientific people on their own terms, as much as possible. We also cultivated a "professional" image by dressing conservatively. We demonstrated [Reiki] repeatedly, and the power of Reiki came through. It is important to say here that neither of us has any medical credential or experience. We simply presented ourselves as Reiki professionals. We recently learned that over a dozen other Reiki practitioners had previously been interviewed. The Director of the Complementary Care Program confided in us that we were the first "normal" Reiki practitioners she had interviewed. We're glad she saw us that way!

In the Hospital Setting Once past the interview process, it became clear that we had to prove to the medical staff that Reiki would benefit the patients. Whenever possible, we treated staff, allowing them to experience the benefits firsthand. It was clear we were over the first hump when the nurses started to ask for our help with their patients.

Initially, we gave individual mini-sessions to patients during their chemotherapy treatments. Most patients had never heard of Reiki, so it was our job to explain it to them. We kept it simple. We introduced ourselves, explained briefly that Reiki might help them with pain, fatigue, anxiety, post-operative recovery, and the side effects of chemotherapy. We distributed handouts for them to look at and left the room, so no one would feel put-on-the-spot. We wanted to be sensitive to the fact that cancer patients often feel overly poked, prodded, and pressured and we did not want Reiki to fall into this category. After a while, we would return to answer questions and see who was interested. Slowly the work gained acceptance and momentum, and people scheduled one-hour appointments in the massage therapy room. A third treatment format emerged when we were invited to treat patients on the hospital's surgical floor.

Hospitals are opening to Complementary Care services in order to maintain a competitive edge in marketing to patients as consumers. To that end, Women and Infants Hospital is currently producing a video including our work with Reiki to introduce their patients to their Complementary Care services. We're excited about the way Reiki is catching on, and are exploring ways to create hospital internships for our master level students.

"Chemotherapy treats the body,and Reiki nurtures the Soul"

~ Chemotherapy Patient

The most exciting part of our work has been seeing the results of Reiki. Patients have experienced reduction in chemotherapy side effects, as well as reduction of neuropathy, back pain, anxiety, fatigue and faster recovery from anesthesia. They also report a general sense of comfort, well being, and relaxation. Several nurses and a few patients have learned Reiki as a result of being treated at the Clinic. Even the most resistant nurse, who barely spoke to us for months finally asked us to put our hands on her. As of this article, at least one doctor is interested in scheduling a treatment for himself. What Worked For Us:
Present a professional image. Present yourself professionally in every possible way, including letterhead, business cards, brochures, dress and vocabulary.

Cultivate relationships. When you find an ally, stay in touch; write thank-you notes, follow up on meetings and phone calls. Do what you say you're going to do when you say you're going to do it!
Develop a resume of experience. Volunteer at any agency that the energy calls you to. Examples: Hospices, Nursing Homes, AIDS agencies. Before we came to the hospital, we ran a clinic at Rhode Island Project AIDS for a year. This gave us credibility to work with people who are ill.

Write a proposal. Be specific about what you can offer, while remaining flexible to the needs of the hospital. Keep negotiating to find what will work.

Apply for Nursing CEUs. Call your state nurse's association for an application packet. Ask if there is a nurse education consultant to help you with the application process. We found it was well worth the $50 consultation fee to get help with writing the application.
Persevere! Hang in there. Remember you are doing groundbreaking work, and watering the root works better than pulling at the shoots.

Support, support, support. Work with a partner and/or stay in touch with people who inspire you in this work.
Demonstrate Reiki. When you go for an interview, make sure that you will be given the opportunity to demonstrate Reiki. Emphasize that Reiki is experiential in nature-hard to explain but easy to experience. If this can't happen at a first meeting, arrange for a second. Chain of command. Once you are in a hospital, identify the chain of command and use it. Example: We were asked to treat people receiving chemotherapy. One slow day we wanted to demonstrate Reiki in the waiting room. We knew this would most likely be acceptable, but we cleared it with the appropriate administrative person. Be respectful of people's positions of authority.
Respect boundaries. Always respect medical protocols and don't obstruct them. Maintain patient confidentiality.

Follow the energy. Any door that opens to you is your main entrance. Do not judge any opportunity, no matter how small. An invitation by one nurse or one patient may be all you need. We have found that one opening always leads to another.

Check your ego at the door. This work is very humbling. It is a constant reminder that it is only about us in that we are willing to show up. Serve the patients, follow and trust the energy, and remember the true healers are the patients and the Reiki.

Peace as Reiki Vibration

Reiki helps us understand, on an experiential level, that all things are energy and that energy is constantly changing. Through Reiki we also learn that energy is simply vibrational frequency that can be raised, or lowered by increasing or decreasing the amount of light available.

Therefore, peace is a vibration that can be affected by the light of the Reiki energy. As we create peace in our own hearts, we align with our personal purpose for being alive, we remember who we are.

When we truly understand that we are spiritual beings placed on this earth to remember our Divinity; to understand that the only true power is love and to carry out the mission that the Creative Divine Consciousness is offering us . . . we are tapping into this power and transforming the world ... from the inside ... outward.

A simple Reiki meditative technique, that I like to experience in the morning, which helps me feel deep, abiding inner peace is as follows: I offer a prayer of intention, calling on the highest and most holy spiritual energies and invoking the guidance of my higher self. In this prayer I give thanks that I am aligning with the path of most light for this particular day.

I send the distant Reiki symbol forward "into my day", imagining that it is a brilliant bridge of light stretching out before me. I send any other Reiki or Karuna Reiki® symbols, that come to mind, across this bridge. I then sit in meditation in this energy for several minutes, or maybe as long as a half an hour. When I complete the meditation, I have a very clear sense that, throughout my day, I will be walking in the light of Reiki and am in complete alignment with my Divine Purpose in every moment. This creates a magnificent sense of inner peace that permeates my energy field, and helps me stay calm and centered. It is also fun to observe the effect our energy has in helping others experience the essence of peace. I hope you will try this technique.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Your Surging Reiki Finger

In Reiki, one of the ways practitioners are encouraged to draw symbols is with the tip of the middle finger. In the Japanese Reiki Techniques class, one of the major techniques to strengthen one's Reiki involves focusing on tips of the middle fingers. What's so important about the tips of the middle fingers?

The acupuncture point at the tip of the middle finger is called PC-9, and its name is commonly translated "Central Hub"1 . It is associated with the element wood. Wood is associated with the liver, which controls the blood. Since "qi courses inseparably through the body with the blood," there is a natural connection between the strength of this meridian and the qi (chi, ki) in the body2

Even more fascinating was the description. "Though the qi at well-jing points is usually described as small and still like water in a well, numerous sources say that the qi at PC-9 surges forth. Therefore the point name could also be rendered as Central Surge.3 " What a great description for a point through which we send Reiki energy!

Reiki and Healing Our Ancestors

I love the way Reiki shines light into our healing process and that it goes deeper and is more far reaching as we grow. My awareness of the simplicities and the complexities of the healing process is growing keener every day. As we use Reiki to heal ourselves we become more aware of the vastness of our being.

I have found that, as I grow with Reiki, my understanding of what it means to be "one with all there is" expands. I realize now that my initial personal healing experiences were based on a very limited understanding of my connection to that oneness. Over the years Reiki has assisted me with wonderful mental and emotional healing by helping me recognize unhealthy thought patterns and emotional responses. Through that recognition I was then able to focus Reiki on developing a healthier way of being. Reiki has also helped me with physical healing and better understanding myself and my purpose in this life. Every day it seems as though Reiki has something else to teach me and I am able to move deeper into knowing how to BE who I truly am.

During this process I have become keenly aware of the energetic effect that my ancestors have on who I am, and also the energetic effect that I have on my children. I recognize now that I have been holding genetic coding from my ancestors, which affects my cellular memory, and in turn influences the patterns in my subtle energy system. Therefore, I make choices in my life based in part on the beliefs, experiences, feelings and thoughts of my ancestors.
If we think of the challenges and triumphs of our ancestors we can often see how or where we are personally affected by them.

Let me give you an example. I learned that many of my issues involving self-worth, prosperity, and work ethics go back through many generations. Although I feel that I have come a long way in healing them, I still see traces of these issues in my life daily. I have been sending healing to my guides, masters, and ancestors. Through this process I am developing clarity on healing issues that some of my ancestors did not complete in their lifetime, and thus passed on to me genetically.

Many of our parents and grandparents lived through the Depression in the 1930's, and I imagine some of you reading this did also. Living in that time created much fear for the ability to survive. It also brought up self-worth issues for many and created a workaholic consciousness in some. Many people felt powerless to change their circumstances. Whenever there is a sense of powerlessness it is based on a fundamental belief in separateness from the Divine, or perhaps an abandonment by one's own spiritual guidance. Only through reconnecting with that personal Divine power can such a belief system be healed.

One day while I was sending healing energies to my ancestors I felt a particularly strong connection to my paternal Grandmother. She lived the nightmare of the Depression when she and her family lost everything they owned except a piece of land in Illinois. For a period of time they lived in a small barn on their property, and they farmed the land to feed themselves and help their neighbors. The earth sustained them through this difficult time, and ultimately they were able to re-establish financial stability. However, this experience further instilled several beliefs in my grandmother, who already had lived through some very challenging times as a child. During this healing session I felt her fear, sense of hopelessness, unworthiness, and I also felt the anchoring of the belief that life is hard, and that we must work very hard for everything we receive.

Although my life as a child was materially much easier than my grandmother's, and my parents did their best to provide for all of our needs, genetically the energetic essence of her fears and beliefs were passed on to me. In order to provide for our family, my parents "worked very hard"and sacrificed many of their personal emotional needs. Although my parent's are both basically positive people, I still received messages from them or other family members such as; "Life isn't always fair", "Only hard work and perseverance win out", "If you are going to do something, do it right." "Always put other's feelings before your own", "In the end you can only count on yourself." and so on. Conversely I received the message that "You can do anything, if you set your mind to it, maintain a positive attitude and act with honesty and integrity". This last message is one I choose to hold as a personal truth, the rest I am repatterning with the help of Reiki and soul clearing work. Reiki is a tool that helps us reconnect to our true personal power, Divine Love, thus it assists us in healing any sense of separation. I would like to share a healing technique that Reiki has given me to assist in my healing, by help my ancestors heal.

The Reiki Generational Healing Technique

1. Prepare yourself as you would for any Reiki treatment.

2. State a prayer of intention to be a clear channel for Reiki to flow through and that your personality and ego stand aside. Give thanks that the healing energy flows to you, your guides, masters, your ancestors, and future generations for the highest good of all, and with soul permission of those willing to heal.

3. Invoke the distant healing symbol and the mental/emotional symbol with the intention of creating a bridge of light through the generations that came before you and those that are yet to come. When you feel this link you may be guided to activate the power symbol, or the some of the Reiki master and Karuna Reiki® symbols. Bring in any energies that you feel guided to work with. Then simply let the energy flow.

4. Channel energy and meditate for as long as it feels appropriate, be aware of anything you feel, sense or think. Often messages will come to assist you in understanding any particular genetic coding that you may be holding onto that is ready to be released.

5. When the healing/meditation session feels complete, give thanks to the Divine, your guides, masters and ancestors for sharing in the healing, and acknowledge that the healing will continue. Then close the session as you normally do, perhaps with a power symbol.

6. Do this as often as you can until you notice shifts in your thoughts, feelings, body, or circumstances. I strongly suggest that you do this daily for 21 days for the most magnificent results.

Allow the Reiki energy to assist you and guide you in all that you do, and it will take you into places within your being, and dimensions of your consciousness that you have not yet experienced. Channel healing and joy to your ancestors and allow the essence of their transformation to flow into your life and the lives of future generations. In so doing we allow ourselves to move into and create a new paradigm of working and living in joy, peace, and prosperity for all people.