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The word Reiki consists of two words: Rei meaning of the Universe, and KI which means Energy or Chi or Prana in Sanskrit. So Reiki means the energy of the universe and is often also called the Divine Energy. REIKI comes from the tradition of Esoteric Ancient 8th century BC growing Asian region especially in TIBET. This energy is used ancient man of his time to protect his physical body from disease attack. This science is known and then disappear without reason, perhaps because of his teaching was not disseminated, and only taught among the monks alone

In the 18th century, Reiki was rediscovered by a physician of the Japanese, Mikao Usui, then developed into Hawaii by his grandson student named Ny.Hawayo Takata, a Japanese living in Hawaii - United States, this lady has been successfully cured of cancer and its complications have on-die ultimatum by his doctor. Next Reiki spread throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Autralia and back to Asia.
In Indonesia, the new Reiki is known around the mid 90s, in a limited circle, which later developed disseminated by the Masters who are dedicated to the public in this beloved country through a variety of legal container and non-legal.

Today Reiki continues to grow extensively in Indonesia, is used to heal yourself and others suffered from various diseases. Reiki also been studied by Muslims, because Reiki is claimed as a universal science that can be learned by anyone regardless of religion and belief. Only with our palms pressed into the body of the sick work REIKI. Yes, REIKI eventually spread worldwide and until now more and more Reiki practitioners who study and practice Reiki to solve problems of disease, whether physical, mental and emotional. With the principle of relaxed, resigned and we smile REIKI drain into the body of the sick.

In the tradition of Reiki humans have seven main Chakras, namely: the Crown Chakra, Ajna Chakra, or we call the Third Eye, Heart Chakra, Flexus Solar Chakra, Sex and the Chakra Base Chakra. With activated into seven main chakras through the process earlier attunemen and meditation routine will activate by itself chakra had to synergize with the energy of the Universe (Reiki). Human energy vibration will sync with the energy of the Universe

reiki6Untuk learn Reiki before participants must first be harmonized frequency energy body with the vibration frequency pattern of the universe. This process is called process attunemen given by a Reiki Master to a new participant in training. If frekensi energy body has been aligned with the energy of the universe then it is only with the intention of Reiki energy will be accessible immediately. This energy can be used for various things such as to cure diseases of the body's own or another person's body, to memperoteksi themselves and others from share a danger that threatens and so forth. Reiki energy gained by absorbing the energy of the universe and then distributed to heal the sick body part. In practice Reiki uses symbols to access and channel the energy of the universe. Symbols can be written on paper or written by hand chest or in the air.

In view of daily life among many Muslims who study and practice Reiki, the question arises whether Reiki does not conflict with Shari'a and Islamic teachings?. Given Reiki is the science and engineering to absorb energy of the universe that emerged long before Islam appeared, it is necessary to be aware of the element of the polytheists in the implementation of reiki. Reiki is a universal teaching that does not distinguish between the teachings of any religion and belief, everyone can learn it. In absorbing the energy of the universe would be trapped reiki feared players focus only on the universe and forget the God who created the universe and have it.

In the exercise or meditation performed Reiki actors only focus on absorbing energy from the mountain, sun, air and others, he forgot the God who makes all of that. Sometimes arise ujub nature and self-impressed with the ability of being able to absorb the energy of the universe and heal yourself and others from various diseases by using such energy. If this is sometimes more interested actors to perform Reiki reiki meditation rather than prayer or doing dhikr of Allah. Reiki Principals will grow far from carrying out the ritual prayer, reading the Koran or the dhikr of Allah. He felt that reiki meditation is more beneficial than doing the prayer, reading the Koran or the recollection of God. These are things that are not in line with Islam.

Islam and the Koran does not teach us to absorb the energy of the universe. Nature and all its contents are the creation of God. He is the owner of all that is the wild universe, if we want something ask him the ruler of the universe. God has commanded us to remember him by as much, always call his name wherever we are standing, sitting and lying down. Berdo'alah Him by calling asmaulhusna as mentioned in the letter Al A'raaf 180, not with imagined energy of the universe or make certain simbol2, it is the belief of the ancients relics (ancient esoteric) which was revived this dizaman.

Reiki Tummo


Reiki comes from Japanese, Rei = universe, chi = energy, while Tummo comes from the Tibetan language, Tummo = fire inside = kundalini. So Tummo Reiki is a technique that manages both kinds of energy of the universe (which is accessible from the crown chakra) and kundalini energy. The energy of the universe, good for health and healing. The energy of the universe is also great for cleaning your energy body, which started cleaning from top to bottom. The kundalini energy is used to enhance consciousness, which begins cleanup from bottom to top. The combination of both this energy will cleanse your body very quickly. With the opening of the entire path sushumna (which are obtained from Tummo Reiki Level I), then all the nodes that are along the chakra sushumna in open, including the root node in the heart chakra Vishnu and Rudra knot at the root chakra ajna. So you have translucent sushumna ranging from base chakra to the crown chakra. A practitioner achieve an outcome that usually takes dozens to tens of years.

With the Reiki attunement level II Tummo will be raised before the kundalini and kundalini energy that expands from the rolls will be able to flow easily along sushumna to get out of the crown chakra. This kundalini energy will make continuous cleaning, scrape the dirt that are along the sushumna and dragging dirt over to removed from the crown chakra.

So with Tummo level II Reiki attunement you will gain real benefits of your kundalini rise up at once so that you begin to do these exercises kundalini to clean the energy channels and chakras safely so that your spiritual will increase, and also you will get a distribution technique useful energy to heal yourself and others from physical illnesses, mental and emotional.

There is one interesting thing that is learned in Reiki Tummo, which is about the heart. Liver is the key of our relationship to God, introduced since the workshop, provincial, and will be reviewed more thoroughly in the workshop-lokakrya next. The benefits are felt is the practitioner will be able to pray to better fit their respective religions, to use more care in daily life so that it can be more relaxed and calm in daily life.

All things about the Kundalini is discussed more deeply and reinforced through Kundalini Workshop, where after a Reiki workshop Tummo level 2 you already know you kundalini has been raised in a safe and instantaneous, and through this workshop your Kundalini will be made more active & speed up the cleaning process, to obtain maximum increase again for yourself.

Amid the proliferation of various schools and traditions in the world Rei Ki, Rei Ki Tummo ® grown rapidly and beautiful, like a lotus bloom in the middle of the lake life. Fragrant, bright and beautiful, and really different.

What makes Reiki different Tummo ® with various schools and traditions of other Reiki? Is not the tradition of Reiki is generally well-intentioned?

Many people who consider all the flow of Reiki is the same, because of the way and the symbols used are also generally the same. But Rei Ki equate all streams would not right. Especially between Tummo Reiki Reiki ® with various traditions which are generally berinduk the Usui tradition. Whether these differences?

In general, the difference between Tummo Reiki Rei-ki ® with other traditions we already know from the description in the book or in the workshops such as:

* Reiki Attunement Tummo ® open and clean the Crown Chakra exceed Rei Ki attunement other traditions. It can be seen clearly in a clairvoyant. Crown chakra results Tummo Reiki ® opens bigger and looks more clean.
* Reiki Attunement Tummo ® clean lines of our sushumna Plong, not seepage as in Rei Ki attunement other traditions.
* Cleanup sushumna when attunement starts from the Crown Chakra to Chakra base, Rei Ki attunement is different from other traditions which only reached the heart chakra.
* Pembangkitkan kundalini in a safe and through sushumna occur in Tummo ® Reiki level 2. No other Reiki traditions or other spiritual streams that can arouse the kundalini in real time, securely and directly through channels such as Reiki sushumna Tummo ®.

But really other than the differences mentioned above, there are differences that are very important and fundamental that we need to know, namely:

* Reiki Attunement Tummo ® instantly connects one with the Divine Light. What does all this mean? Key human relationship with the Creator is the Heart, then surely with Reiki Tummo ® hearts we are connected to the Creator through the light and His love. However, only when we open our hearts (at least when to use the liver) then Light Divine (God's blessing) to work properly. There are some simple steps that are very effective thing we can do to feel the things described above. Such steps are as follows:
1. Relax, the smile ..... touch hearts in the middle of the chest ..... close your eyes .. smile to the heart (intentions only) ...
2. If you can feel your heart bloom and tranquility / peace from your heart, then you can proceed to point 3 ... If not, perform the following steps to strengthen your heart:
Remember the more times the happiest moment in your life, or imagine the person you love most ... (and still do:) )..... taste happiness in your heart ....... When you feel the happiness in this heart, feel "something" that is good in your chest .... Repeat point 1)
3. With still close my eyes, relax and smile to the heart ..., pipe Rei Ki energy Tummo ® minimum 1 minute, then navigate both hands to the liver in the chest during MINIMAL 2-3 minutes. You can feel how blessings flow to your heart as light a light, beautiful and fun. The longer you distribute, will increasingly feel your heart becomes lighter, growing, beautiful and fun. Just do DURING / FREQUENTLY for your heart becomes big, light, beautiful and bright in life .. sehari2 course of your relationship to God also will be getting better.

For best results you should feel your heart ... and enjoy effortless .. ..
Although the level I was able to do this, usually the result more clearly perceived when you've been following Tummo Reiki ® level 2, because the crown chakra has opened bigger and better relationship.
For those of you who have attended a REI KI another tradition, you can try to differences that occur with meniatkan channel the energy of "REIKI X" for example ... Salurkanlah accordance with point 3 and would you feel if you should remain calm, but your heart did not bloom and grow brighter.
Try again to meniatkan for energy out into Rei Ki Tummo ® again and feel the difference, where in addition to your heart feel calm, feel your heart into bloom and bright.
Of course, all traditions of Reiki by Reiki Master diattune legitimate are very beneficial to health. Excess Tummo Reiki ® is just the heart to be more calm, peace and light in life sehari2nya .. and closer to God as well as the generation Kundalininya ..
* In Tummo ® Reiki, a person learns menjalurkan energy to be a healer, but it is not to be a good healer, but rather to alert practitioners that God's blessings are always abundant. By opening our hearts and surrender ourselves to God, a person can allow himself to be a channel thanks to God, so that the blessing of God can flow through her and give amazing results. Here we learn that the healer is always True God Almighty.
* In Reiki Tummo ®, while channeling the energy we also learn to realize that by submission to God, namely by allowing the blessing of God working through us to the maximum, we obtain better results. So that is the key factor in channeling Reiki energy Tummo ® is a submission to the Creator, not in engineering, or our business.

With the above explanation, we can be more clearly be a fundamental difference Tummo Reiki ® with other Reiki traditions, in which one learns Reiki ® Tummo indeed to realize that closeness to God is paramount. Reiki Tummo ® does not teach someone to study the sciences supernatural powers, but learn to be more aware that God Almighty, Mighty and loving and the best thing to God is berpasrah correctly to be closer to Him.

Because the goal of human life is to become closer to God Almighty, .... There are more important things other than to be closer to God?

But the Foundation Padmajaya not stop there ... Padmajaya Foundation also conducts other activities in addition to workshops Reiki Tummo ® 1, 2 and 3a are no less important to be learned such as: workshops Conscience useful to strengthen the heart and our conscience, more specifically, the workshop Useful Meditation helps us to calm the mind, Master Yoga workshops which are advanced techniques in our approach to God, as well as other activities such as Open Heart Prayer online through the Internet and many other activities that each has a specialty, but still aims to draw closer to God Almighty by practitioners rely on submission to Him.

Reiki Tummo ® are registered and obtain patent rights from the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Indonesia.


* Not derived from Japanese and Tibetan, but the most complete of Reiki.
* It was introduced in Indonesia since 1998 and dimancanegara, except the African continent. Warmly received in the United States, Canada, Germany, Britain, Ireland, Switzerland, Austria, Portugal, Spain, Holland, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, Panama, Venezuela, Jamaica, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong etc ... ... this time Already, there are 30.000 Rei Ki Tummo ® alumni who are scattered throughout the world
* Only Reiki Kundalini Tummo ® that generates in real time, which is useful for health and spiritual progress
* Mempraktek use of the Heart, not just a theory about the heart, for happiness, health and spiritual