Saturday, December 16, 2017

Good Ninja Hero Story Game

Play one of the greatest arcade games that will give you a lot of fun and you won't complain about boredom. The Ninja Hero has more than a thousand levels, at game beginning, levels are very easy, but the further you go, the more difficult it becomes.

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⛵ Ninja Hero is a very cool 2D arcade game with 1200 levels ⛵ Interactive graphics and great music ⛵ Available League that you’re fighting with the other players for better position. ⛵ Sounds (FX and music) are very nice for the ear. ⛵ In case of difficulties with level, you can avoid it by watching the ad ⛵ Animated icons and menus and animated switching to level. ⛵ Easy level generator ⛵ New updates are added several times a month ⛵ More than 11 awards to unlock

How to play ? Just click or tap any item on the screen to start the game. The Ninja Haro moves either left or right over a big ball. Click Click on the phone screen to jump up, the longer you hold your finger on the screen, the longer jump. To beat a level, you have to knock all the white tiles off without touching the black tiles with thorns. If you encounter a very difficult level, there will be an option to jump to the next level by watching an advertising movie. Fight and check the results in the Scoreboard, beat others and become the most famous Ninja in the world. ninja,hero,story,jumping game,yubi,pof,arcade,jump,clumsy,fruit,arashi,samurai,shadow,tobu,saga,run

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The story was written by "Lacrimosa" Music from: "Derek & Brandon Fiechter"

Thursday, December 07, 2017

Best 2017 Burn Belly Fat (Even Faster)

Burn Belly Fat (Even Faster) | BellyProof 2017

An alternative approach to burn belly fat and get your incredible your own body transformation before and after result. The video shows a 5 week dated PROOF for the body transformation program which is available at -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

A 5-6 weeks body transformation aimed at losing belly fat faster, getting you shredded with science, the natural way.

We "target" belly fat by making sure it's less resistant, making it more accessible and easier to burn. More before and afters for this method are available as proof on the website - ripped bodies and all in 5-6 weeks!

A unique approach that doesn't rely on calorie counting but instead relies on your gut health, sequencing the exercise you do so you break fat before burning it and get a more targeted workout and get your shredded. Lastly, we optimize every aspect so that we target receptors on belly fat (such as cortisol and alpha-2 receptors), lower Insulin and naturally help the body increase the secretion of hormones that help us both break and burn fat.

BellyProof represents the next big leap in weight loss science and intermittent fasting results. The ultimate online training for the ultimate body transformation.



It's time we stopped telling people that counting calories and going into a calorie deficit is a valid weight loss approach. It's not! It's misguided and it's a flawed logic on many levels, especially once you consider insulin sensitivity and metabolism.

We cover this in depth here

Being an authority in the weight loss community, I often get questioned about calories. Excuse me Jacob, when it comes to nutrition and getting fit, how many calories should I eat to lose weight?"

If you ever saw a starving model vs a food eating 10k calorie challenge, this video will challenge everything you thought you knew about metabolism what role calories actually play.

See the video and judge for yourself. Let's get this theory shredded and put an end to misinformation and cheap diet plans.