Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Grounding Or Shielding In Reiki

Grounding or shielding is important especially for a practitioner who uses energy healing on others. It is important to be grounded while giving healing. When you heal a person, you make yourself vulnerable to the patient's energy field. So you need to shield yourself, in order to protect and prevent your body, from taking the patient's unwanted energy like physical symptoms. Shielding works both ways it protects the practitioner and the patient from each other's unwanted energy. The shield us permeable and hence allows the healing energy to pass through and the healing process can continue unhindered. The grounding process works like a strainer removing only the unwanted energy debris. After Reiki energy therapy "seal" the client's aura and ask God to remove any "footprints" from aura of both the client and yourself. Ask God to return the "footprints' to where they belong or transform them into positive energy. A practitioner should always ground and shield one's self in situations where his energy system may be vulnerable.

To ground or shield yourself, imagine you have developed roots that grow from your base chakra deep into the earth. Allow your awareness to drop down to the ground with the roots till you feel physically heavier. Feel you are rooted to the center of the earth. If you feel like releasing your negative energy do so through your roots. The earth will transform it. If you need extra energy, draw it from the earth. Let the earth's energy come up through the roots into your body. Imagine the energy coming out of the top of your head and showering back again. Awareness should always be grounded on the earth even when you imagine energy going up your body.

After doing healing or meditation it is good to close your chakras, as you may be vulnerable and open to negative energy. Imagine that your charkas, both front and back are closing. Use any imagery you want like closing doors, shutting window or closing eyelids. Cross your arms across your chest and reassure yourself that now your boundaries are strong.

Doing various physical activities can ground and shield you as well. Here are a few ways of grounding or shielding yourself:
  • Tapping the crown of your head.
  • Tapping the soles of your feet.
  • Putting your head to the ground.
  • Even eating something can help.
  • You can apply Reiki to your feet by placing your hands near your ankles.
  • Apply Reiki to the root chakra, as this chakra is our connection to the earth.
  • Walk barefoot.
You can shield yourself every morning before you leave your home and this will protect you. Grounding will give practitioners peace and power before beginning a session.

Reiki Treatment

Reiki can heal anything as it works at the fundamental level of reality. The only thing that limits Reiki treatment is the client's attitude. If the client is unwilling to accept Reiki then he is creating a block for himself. Humans and animals are not physical beings. Other than our physical body, we have three other bodies. These invisible, non-physical bodies are made up of energy that consists of 'Chi', which controls and affects the physical body. Conventional medicine only treats the physical body. Reiki treats all the four bodies. Medical science deals with only the symptoms whereas Reiki not only heals the symptoms but also the root cause of the symptoms. Reiki operates in the energy structure that underlies the physical matter. According to Reiki practitioners, Reiki works at a level where anything can be changed as in the energy structure everything can be changed. Therefore Reiki can heal both physical and emotional aliments.

Reiki's healing energy has an intelligence that is beyond human consciousness and will move in the direction it is needed irrespective of the hand position. The only thing that seems to limit the healing energy of Reiki is the client's willingness to give up old habits and patterns and to accept change and healing. Healing in Reiki is not curing the physical symptoms and the root cause of the illness, but it also means returning the individual to complete state of mental and physical well being.