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The word Reiki consists of two words: Rei meaning of the Universe, and KI which means Energy or Chi or Prana in Sanskrit. So Reiki means the energy of the universe and is often also called the Divine Energy. REIKI comes from the tradition of Esoteric Ancient 8th century BC growing Asian region especially in TIBET. This energy is used ancient man of his time to protect his physical body from disease attack. This science is known and then disappear without reason, perhaps because of his teaching was not disseminated, and only taught among the monks alone

In the 18th century, Reiki was rediscovered by a physician of the Japanese, Mikao Usui, then developed into Hawaii by his grandson student named Ny.Hawayo Takata, a Japanese living in Hawaii - United States, this lady has been successfully cured of cancer and its complications have on-die ultimatum by his doctor. Next Reiki spread throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Autralia and back to Asia.
In Indonesia, the new Reiki is known around the mid 90s, in a limited circle, which later developed disseminated by the Masters who are dedicated to the public in this beloved country through a variety of legal container and non-legal.

Today Reiki continues to grow extensively in Indonesia, is used to heal yourself and others suffered from various diseases. Reiki also been studied by Muslims, because Reiki is claimed as a universal science that can be learned by anyone regardless of religion and belief. Only with our palms pressed into the body of the sick work REIKI. Yes, REIKI eventually spread worldwide and until now more and more Reiki practitioners who study and practice Reiki to solve problems of disease, whether physical, mental and emotional. With the principle of relaxed, resigned and we smile REIKI drain into the body of the sick.

In the tradition of Reiki humans have seven main Chakras, namely: the Crown Chakra, Ajna Chakra, or we call the Third Eye, Heart Chakra, Flexus Solar Chakra, Sex and the Chakra Base Chakra. With activated into seven main chakras through the process earlier attunemen and meditation routine will activate by itself chakra had to synergize with the energy of the Universe (Reiki). Human energy vibration will sync with the energy of the Universe

reiki6Untuk learn Reiki before participants must first be harmonized frequency energy body with the vibration frequency pattern of the universe. This process is called process attunemen given by a Reiki Master to a new participant in training. If frekensi energy body has been aligned with the energy of the universe then it is only with the intention of Reiki energy will be accessible immediately. This energy can be used for various things such as to cure diseases of the body's own or another person's body, to memperoteksi themselves and others from share a danger that threatens and so forth. Reiki energy gained by absorbing the energy of the universe and then distributed to heal the sick body part. In practice Reiki uses symbols to access and channel the energy of the universe. Symbols can be written on paper or written by hand chest or in the air.

In view of daily life among many Muslims who study and practice Reiki, the question arises whether Reiki does not conflict with Shari'a and Islamic teachings?. Given Reiki is the science and engineering to absorb energy of the universe that emerged long before Islam appeared, it is necessary to be aware of the element of the polytheists in the implementation of reiki. Reiki is a universal teaching that does not distinguish between the teachings of any religion and belief, everyone can learn it. In absorbing the energy of the universe would be trapped reiki feared players focus only on the universe and forget the God who created the universe and have it.

In the exercise or meditation performed Reiki actors only focus on absorbing energy from the mountain, sun, air and others, he forgot the God who makes all of that. Sometimes arise ujub nature and self-impressed with the ability of being able to absorb the energy of the universe and heal yourself and others from various diseases by using such energy. If this is sometimes more interested actors to perform Reiki reiki meditation rather than prayer or doing dhikr of Allah. Reiki Principals will grow far from carrying out the ritual prayer, reading the Koran or the dhikr of Allah. He felt that reiki meditation is more beneficial than doing the prayer, reading the Koran or the recollection of God. These are things that are not in line with Islam.

Islam and the Koran does not teach us to absorb the energy of the universe. Nature and all its contents are the creation of God. He is the owner of all that is the wild universe, if we want something ask him the ruler of the universe. God has commanded us to remember him by as much, always call his name wherever we are standing, sitting and lying down. Berdo'alah Him by calling asmaulhusna as mentioned in the letter Al A'raaf 180, not with imagined energy of the universe or make certain simbol2, it is the belief of the ancients relics (ancient esoteric) which was revived this dizaman.

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