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Reiki , Medicine, Miracles & Magnified Healing

recently had an opportunity to teach Reiki in Rincon, Puerto Rico. I was blessed by my hosts, Liz and Jean when they shared a healing technique with me known as Magnified Healing®.

One of the techniques in this system is for organ regeneration. This was of particular interest to me because I have been working with a client for nearly a year, who has been diabetic since birth, lost her eyesight 3 years ago, and has been receiving kidney dialysis treatments 3 times a week.

This client, Teresa, has been actively pursuing complementary healing energies including participating in the healing energy at Life's Pathway in Carefree, Indiana where a small group of people have been gathering to experience the energy of Mother Mary, in the form of the Lady of Light. Teresa has also been coming to my office for Reiki treatments twice a week, and has been trained through the Advanced Level of Reiki. She receives much distant Reiki from the group of healers we work with.

I was thrilled to have the addition of Magnified Healing and the organ regeneration technique to assist her.

Teresa has no health insurance, thus it took her over two years to even get on the list for organ transplants, and she finally made the list on June 7th of this year. She was told to be prepared to wait 6 months to 3 years for organs. I called her when I heard this news (I was on my way to Puerto Rico at the time). When I spoke to her she was concerned that it might take years, and didn't know if she could survive that long. We talked about healing miracles taking many forms, and that receiving the transplant could be her miracle.

As we have recently been hearing on the news in stories of Mickey Mantle, and other celebrities' transplant operations; it often takes years for patients to find the donor organs they need, and many times organs are not a match, so the patient goes back on the waiting list. Those with insurance are usually at the top of the list. Remember Teresa has no medical insurance.

On June 7th, she was put on the list to await the organs. On Sunday, June 18th, just 11 days later, I was taught the Magnified Healing Technique. At 9:55 that evening I applied this technique to the regular Distant Reiki treatment I send to her. Just before midnight on the 18th, just 2 hours later, she received a call to come into the hospital, the kidney and pancreas she needed had been located, and she was to be tested to see if they were a match for her. They were a good match, and by noon on Monday the 19th she was on her way to surgery.

My client received the transplant operation, and is recovering in the hospital at this writing and should be home in just a few days.

I know that all the healing energies she has been accessing were instrumental to her healing, the energy of the Lady of Light, Reiki, daily prayer, the love of her mother and many friends, and traditional medicine. I also know within every atom of my being that some sort of connection with the Magnified Healing energy and Reiki was a catalyst to expedite the process of receiving the organs.

Please remember Teresa in your distant Reiki as we focus on acceptance of the organs, and healing her eyes. As always we ask for her continued, perfect healing through the highest and most holy healing energies and know that this is done.

Reiki and a Sense of “Safety”

Mari Hall is the keynote speaker for our June 2001 Reiki Personal and Professional Development Conference . . . Live Your Dreams NOW! Mari will speak on "What Blocks the Way to Creating Your Dreams?"

The longer I am in the practice of Reiki the more I realize how interconnected our lives are. What was a big world in one moment becomes small enough to hold in my hand and take into my heart. What have been times of loneliness and isolation have now become the desire to embrace all my family of mankind. But how did I get from one reality to the next, Reiki of course!

We all have our stories of the miraculous way Reiki has touched our lives. Any miracle no matter how big or small is just that, a miracle!

I had been “doing” Reiki for years in the United States and had moved into what I thought of as a space of peaceful surrender. Normal work and my work with Reiki were separated in my life. I had a fine line that divided the two. I did not speak much about my “other” life to people because I knew they would not understand, or worse would think I was one of those newagers and had my head in the clouds. On the other side of the coin I did not talk about my “normal “ life with people I treated. So I was in all senses of the word a dual personality. As long as I held the status quo I could juggle these two lives of mine although it was hard at times.

Since taking Reiki into my life I had been healed of a congenital back problem, my life had been changed on so may levels yet I was still not able to integrate the two sides of my life with any feeling of safety. I realize now that for most of my life I had been searching for that safe space to be me, and had not found it. Controlling my life, keeping things in nice compartments was my way to feel safe.

One day I was given a choice that would change my life so completely and profoundly. I could leave all that was safe and study in a holistic center, but to do this required that I quit my normal job and move to England for a three-month period of time. I understand now that to not feel safe for three months was better than “forever.” I chose to not straddle the line anymore. I ended up jumping over the line to Reiki full time. It took more than a day to accomplish and that in itself is another story. Away from my safety net and in England with no means of support, I decided to stay and teach Reiki in the UK. I was so engrossed with the work I never thought about the need to feel safe. I was living from a different part of my being. A deeper healing had taken place in me.

What also was happening in my life was living synchronistically. I feel it is because my focus was so much in the present moment that I was more aware of how things came to play in my life. What I needed was provided for. The people places and certainly circumstances all gave me opportunity to begin to BE Reiki, rather than to do it.

Many years have passed since those early days in England when I stood on the top of the Tor in Glastonbury and proclaimed my intention to live and work in Europe. I have gone from having two suitcases and traveling on trains to having a home and a car even in another country. I have been so supported to BE in my practice of Reiki. In the being is also the realization of the continual surrender into this divine and loving energy.

Early in my journey in Europe I was introduced to a wonderful woman in the Netherlands who is a healer. She asked me what I did. I told her proudly that I was a Reiki Master. She looked at me with all seriousness and said. “You may have a paper that says you are a master of Reiki, but you are not. You must learn to be a master of Reiki and that takes time.” I was taken aback with what she said. I did not understand it then and felt that she did not truly see me.

Over these years of being in the practice of Reiki and being Reiki, not just doing it, I have taken on more wisdom. Her words have often rung true in my ears as I work with my own master candidates. I am still learning, I am still being, and I am a Reiki Master still being mastered by Reiki

Living and working in other countries has afforded me the opportunity to come up against prejudice and intolerance in others and myself. This experience has continued to evoke me to “Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk of the potential for peace in the world by using Reiki. I have held a Russian woman in my arms as she was dying. I have celebrated life in a camp of gypsies by dancing and singing. I have been present at the birth of a deformed child. I have heard the cries of the homeless and I am seeing potential for change in countries ravaged by war. All this and so much more have evoked me to see all humanity as my brothers and sisters.

My deepest impression is that in order to be one with people we must first do our inner work to be one with ourselves. Reiki has helped me to bridge the internal compartments in myself that have separated me from fully loving and accepting myself. In loving who I am, I am better able to love others.

My heart has been broken open wide with compassion for all beings on this earth, including myself. Being in the practice of Reiki has given me the opportunity to find my place in this world beside all others. In this place is the deepest sense of safety and of homecoming.

Reiki, Jesus and Eleanor's Healing

It all started with a broken gold chain that Eleanor’s husband brought into my store for repair. “How is Eleanor?” I asked, knowing that she had spent the last two years going through surgery to remove a tumor, radiation and chemotherapy (twice) after a radical mastectomy for breast cancer. “She’s not very well” he said sadly “ She’s home lying in bed, her right arm swollen to three times the size of the left, due to the surgery that removed 8 lymph nodes from her arm.” I ran to the phone, wanting to offer her words of encouragement. We agreed to do a long distance Reiki healing on her that night at 9:00. And so it began.....

I was still standing at my alter praying, when I saw Jesus and my spirit guides enter the healing room that I visualized. I entered into a deep meditative state. I was at her head, my spirit guides surrounding her. Jesus was standing to her right, holding her wrist very gently, as if not to hurt her. He held her swollen right arm for a long time, laying it gently across her stomach when he finished. I fell asleep knowing intuitively that the swelling would be gone in the morning. I awoke in the night and saw the team of spiritual guides still working on Eleanor. They had worked on her all night!

She called in the afternoon the next day. “I was so afraid to call you today, for fear that you would be lying on the floor unconscious after what happened last night.” “What happened Eleanor?”, I asked. “Well, first my mind was drawn up into the universe, there were stars all around and then I saw sparkling rubies and diamonds. The color purple kept coming to me. I was surrounded by purple. Then I saw a brilliant white light. There were people working on me and I saw Jesus. I felt my right arm being lifted as if by air, then somehow it was across my stomach, and I didn’t put it there . I felt like I needed to keep opening my mouth, because they were pulling these poisons from my toes, up through my body and out of my mouth.” “Guess what?” She said happily, “The swelling in my arm and ankles is gone and I am getting better. My husband says I look like a different person today.”.

We continued the Reiki treatments every night for a week. The second night I was very tired and fought to stay awake. “Go to sleep, we will finish this.” I heard a voice say. They told me and showed me that I was a conduit, plugging Eleanor into the power source. Thank you God, I thought gratefully as I fell asleep.

The most awesome moment came one night during Eleanor’s Reiki treatment. I felt Jesus’ presence near me. Then suddenly I was filled with an overwhelming feeling of love, centered in my heart chakra. It radiated out through my arm into Eleanor’ body, as my hand reached over and gently touched her chin. I felt/ heard Him say “Eleanor, my sweet and precious child.” I knew that it was His love that was healing her.

On the fifth night, while doing her treatment, I began to see myself giving her castor oil packs. I went to sleep and dreamed of this again. I awoke during the dream hearing a voice say “Give her the oil, give her the oil.” I knew they wanted her to begin using castor oil packs. So she did begin using them, and told me that something inside of her changed after the very first time. She knew she was getting well. Reiki practitioners cannot prescribe, but I was also guided to suggest that she check into the healing power of Essiac tea

Later, I asked Eleanor what was so important about having that gold chain fixed. “You know, it’s the strangest thing, but I suddenly decided that I had to have that 22 year old chain fixed.” “Eleanor.... it was time for your healing to begin and that chain was what started it all.” I said.

Eleanor’s healing continues, she is getting stronger every day. During her radiation and chemotherapy treatments she was told by a nurse and her doctor that she was at stage -3 andd that at stage -4, when the cancer enters the patient’s bones death is imminent. They told her that she probably wouldn’t survive the radiation treatments. She was given the most radical chemotherapy they had ever given at that hospital. The doctor told Eleanor that “Only God would save her now.” I think it did.

Working with Japanese and Western Reiki

In the past several years we’ve learned a lot about the Reiki taught by Dr. Usui. The research done by Arjava Petter, his wife Chetna Kobayashi, Mr. Doi and others have created a breakthrough in our understanding of Usui Reiki and informed us of many techniques new to the West. This contrasts with what we had been told was Usui Reiki, but what we now understand was actually a Western development. When we first began to gain this understanding, many thought that the ideal would be to practice only the Japanese style of Reiki and to stay as close to what Dr. Usui practiced as possible. But now that we have had time to practice the Japanese Reiki techniques and compare them with the Western style, a better understanding has developed about what might be the best approach.

The style of Reiki presented to the West by Mrs. Takata, was promoted by her as being the unaltered methods of Dr. Usui. However, now that many have broken through the barriers that prevented us from researching Reiki in Japan, we have discovered that most of the techniques Mrs. Takata taught were mainly of her own creation and possibly that of Dr. Hayashi. When comparing her style with that of Dr. Usui, one could say that in many cases her’s was methodically opposite to what Dr. Usui practiced.

Mrs. Takata’s style relied on memorizing rules and working with standard procedures that remained the same for each client. This included the standard hand positions for giving a treatment. This was followed to such an extreme that when I attempted to give myself Reiki by placing my hands on my legs, my first Reiki teacher told me in a very emphatic way that “that is not Reiki” because it was not one of the standard hand positions. I found this attitude stifling, as it did not support the development or use of the student’s inner awareness of Reiki. It also didn’t acknowledge the differing needs of each client. However, this was not always the case as the Takata style did include some reference to allowing your Reiki hands to guide you, but this was only after one had given the standard treatment.

Even though there are some limitations to this system, it still has value. By placing the hands evenly over most of the body, the whole person is treated, thus creating balance. In addition, by using this technique, one treats the areas of greatest need automatically whether you know where they are located or not. So, while the Takata style may have limits, it allows virtually anyone to produce consistent results.

After Mrs. Takata passed in December 1980, for a while most of her students continued to practice exactly as she had taught. But in a few years, some began to experiment and to channel, develop or release new systems of Reiki. The first of these were Mari-el and the Radiance Technique. Many more followed and there are now at least 30 different kinds of Reiki being practiced in the West. In an environment like this, one needs to have a clear understanding of ones personal needs and the ability to follow ones inner guidance if one is to wisely choose which Reiki system(s) to study.

While many new techniques have developed in the West, the same basic framework taught by Mrs. Takata seems to be the basis of most of these with treatments continuing to be based on her standard hand positions.

Dr. Usui’s style represents a different approach. He didn’t have standard hand positions. He taught his students to develop the ability to use ones intuition to guide one to the right hand placements. This often resulted in a unique treatment for each client. He taught several techniques for doing this including Byosen scanning wherein one uses the sensitivity in ones hands to find the areas needing Reiki as well as Reiji-ho in which one is guided directly with ones intuition or perhaps an inner sensitivity to know where the client’s energy field is out of balance and in need of Reiki. This style validates ones own subtle awareness and encourages its development. It also allows one to develop a working relationship with the Reiki energy and thus be guided by its potential.

In addition to the above techniques, Dr. Usui also taught Gassho meditation, Kenyoku or dry bathing which is a method for cleansing ones energy, Koki-ho, a method that uses the breath to heal, Gyoshi-ho, a method of sending Reiki with the eyes, Jacki-Kiri Joka-ho, a method for clearing negative energy from objects and Enkaku chiryo which is a method for sending distant healing.

From this we can see that Mrs. Takata’s style focused on a memorized system that was the same for each client and used only the hands to transmit Reiki. In contrast, Dr. Usui’s style was flexible and relied on the developed awareness of the practitioner to provide a unique treatment based on the specific needs of the client. He also taught how to send Reiki not only with the hands, but also with the breath, and the eyes and included other techniques as well.

Since each of these styles is so different, at first many thought that they would have to choose between them. And since Reiki came from Dr. Usui, it seemed that the logical choice would be to practice Reiki as closely to Dr. Usui’s style as possible. However, now that we have had time to practice and compare both styles, what many have concluded is that since both styles have value, the best approach would be to integrate them. The feeling is that by bringing both the Western and the Japanese styles together in one system, the best of both worlds is achieved. The Western style, which is more linear, logical and left brained balances the Japanese style, which is more open ended, intuitive and right brained.

This is what we have done at the Center. Our recently revised Reiki I&II manual includes both the Western style of Reiki and the Japanese Reiki Techniques (JRTs) of Dr. Usui. The JRTs can be learned from our manual, but it is also recommended that one take a JRT class or use the JRT workshop video to get a better grasp of them. The video training is presented by Arjava Petter and Chetna Kobayashi and is an excellent way to gain an understanding of the Japanese mind as well as learn the JRTs. We also offer class outlines that show how to teach the JRTs and Western Reiki together. These outlines can be downloaded free from our website along with many other useful forms. Just click on Teaching Supplies.

It is a joy to see how wonderfully Reiki is unfolding. As we focus on Reiki and allow it to guide us, we discover greater levels of harmony and balance in how it can express through us. What at first seemed like a conflict is becoming a beautiful integration of complementary styles. This will lead to the possibility of even greater levels of health and well being for ourselves, our clients and the world around us. May we all be allowed to choose ever-increasing peace, freedom and love.

Reiki and Light Bulbs?

When I attended my first Reiki weekend, I arrived with no expectations. I had read a few books about Reiki, but until I had the opportunity to experience it for myself I was keeping an open mind and wanted to experience all that Reiki had to offer. After receiving my Reiki I attunement my Reiki Master began passing out a sheet of paper titled, “The Twenty-One Day Clearing Process”. Up until that point I had never heard of a clearing process. The explanation made perfect sense. As your physical body adjusts to the Reiki energy’s higher vibration, blockages would clear and situations would surface so you could heal and move on to create a clearer instrument for the Reiki Energy to flow through.

For three weeks I experienced an entire range of emotions. I worked through the headaches, stiff neck, and discomfort. At the end of the three weeks I noticed one strange thing, I had changed 8 light bulbs in 3 weeks. Once the clearing process was over, the light bulbs stopped going out. One or two could be dismissed as coincidence, but 8 were a bit much.

Six months later my Reiki Master returned to teach and attune ART and Master level Reiki. It was a wonderful experience and really opened my eyes to the path I was on and the direction I was heading. As the weekend came to a close a question of the clearing process came up. In the back of my mind I saw many trips to the home improvement store, buying bulbs in bulk!

This of course would prove the perfect test. No bulbs had blown out since the last clearing. This time it was so much more. Not only were the bulbs blowing out in my house, they were going out everywhere. I saw bulbs go out at work, in stores, even at a restaurant. My aura was now super charged and only the strongest light bulbs would survive. It usually occurred when I stretched, yawned, or experienced a good laugh. Any bulb I was under would just pop. Fortunately, this only lasted for the first month, and life returned to normal.

As I reflect and try to shed light on this situation I keep hearing that it’s all energy. Our physical world we live in is nothing but energy. As we receive a Reiki attunement, our vibrations increase bringing us closer to the light. Of course this is a big change for our physical bodies and the clearing process is the adjustment period. As we adjust the energy rises and falls, until it finally seats at the perfect level for us. It’s my belief that when I experienced a rise in the energy, it was just a little too much for the light bulbs to bear. Of course it could have been my guides telling me it’s time to go to sleep. You be the judge.

Reiki New Moon Meditation

For several years I have been studying the power of the cycles of the moon. Of particular interest are the experiences shared with new moon meditation groups when we invoke Reiki to assist in meditations, for personal growth and world service.

Components of the Reiki new moon meditation

Sacred Intention ... The spoken or written word that describes goals for healing or visions for creation offered with love and for the highest good of all.

Prayer ... An act of giving thanks for sacred intentions that have been stated and offered to the Divine for manifestation. A statement of faith and knowingness that the intention is fulfilled as it can be for the highest good.

Reiki . . . Spiritually guided life force energy, which never causes harm. True Reiki is channeled without interference from the ego, nor controlled by the personality. Reiki is totally guided by the infinite wisdom of the Divine. Reiki links sacred intention, prayer, moon energies and the ascended spiritual masters together as one powerful force for manifestation in the highest form.

Soul Linking . . . the act of conscious, energetic soul connections which take place between willing individuals to fulfill a specific portion of the Divine plan.

Moon Energies

The moon emanates distinctly different energies during the full cycle from new moon to full moon. Each of the eight cycles facilitates the process of creation and manifestation. The eight phases each have a duration of approximately 28 days. An example and definitition follow:

Day 1-31/2 New moon energy is for creating a vision

Day 31/2-6 Crescent moon energy if for organizing resources needed to accomplish the vision

Day 6-91/2First quarter moon is using resources gathered to take action toward fulfilling the vision

Day 10-131/2 Gibbous moon energy helps us fine tune our goals, gather opinions from others and make revisions to the plan.

Day 133/4-171/2 The light of the full moon brings about manifestation of, or progress toward our goals. We can see where we are in the process of realization of the plan.

Day 171/2-21 The disseminating moon helps us distribute and share what we have learned, or to have a clearer understanding of what to do next.

Day 21-241/2 In the third quarter of the moon we are in a completion and review phase, or following up on and refining the resources we gathered during the crescent moon. Re-evaluation takes place during this time to determine what is needed as a next step to move forward with the goal.

Day 241/2-282Under the balsamic moon it is time to be alone, meditate, retreat, and release attachment to outcome. It is time to rest and be introspective. During this time vision clears and we are ready to begin again with the next new moon.

Ascended Spiritual Beings

These can be well known Masters like Jesus, Buddha, Kwan Yin, Mother Mary, Maha Chohan, Hillarion, Lady Master Nada, etc. They can also be members of the angelic hierarchy, or highly evolved beings that we have yet to learn of.

Sacred intention

In working with these aspects with the Reiki New Moon Meditation we can focus on intentions such as personal goals for our work, family, relationships, health, finances, home, or any of the aspects of our earthly existence. We can intend to stay focused on our spiritual path, or ask for assistance in understanding or transmuting our karma.

We can also focus on world issues, like ample organic food for the world, peace among nations, humanity living in harmony with the earth, nurturing home environments for everyone, healthy relationships, a world where diversity is embraced as a strength, etc. Notice that we are not focusing on hunger, homelessness, war, etc. We are focusing on what we are creating, not on what we want to change, or are afraid of. The sacred intention is powerful when the vision is created in the highest form that you can imagine, but left up for manifestation by the Divine in the most perfect way.

Steps in the Reiki New Moon Meditation

1. Pray by giving thanks that you are clear and open channel for Reiki to flow through and that your personality and ego stand aside, so the Reiki will flow in its clearest and truest form. Give thanks that you are open to receive the guidance of angels and masters who have come forth to assist you.

2. Prepare you energy field by strengthening your light. To do this draw a large Usui power symbol in front of you and move the energy into you etheric field. Draw small power symbols over each of your charkas beginning at the base. Pause and beam Reiki into your energy field and toward your solar plexus and heart.

3. Call on the Divine, and the ascended spiritual masters and beings. Welcome them, and give thanks for their presence. Give them permission to assist you in creating your sacred intention, and helping you manifestation your visions.

4. Invoke the Usui mental/emotional symbol. Write down your sacred intention for this meditation. Include your personal goals, and also your intention for world service. It can also be helpful to draw something that represents your vision. A new moon journal is very helpful. Channel the mental/emotional Reiki energies into your written intention, and state your intention.

5. Invoke the Usui distant healing symbol imagining that you are creating a bridge of light from your heart to the hearts of all the spiritual beings who are assisting you, and all the other people who are joining in this group meditation around the world. Allow yourself to feel each soul linking with yours, and to feel the illusion of separation melt away, and you recognize the Oneness of all creation. Remember that Reiki transcends time and space. (note: if you are attuned to the Reiki Master or Karuna Reiki® symbols you can add them to the meditation)

6. Meditate and transmit Reiki for as long as you feel comfortable.

7. Give a prayer of thanks.

8. Draw a large power symbol over your body with the intention of disconnecting from the meditative process, and knowing that each person is disconnecting also and returning to their individual life expressions with clarity and aligned with their soul purpose.

The first few times you do this you may wish to refer to the above notes about the various aspects of the moon cycles to see where you are in the process. It is intriguing how often we find ourselves in full momentum and taking action on our goals and we check in with the moon cycle to find that we are in the first quarter phase; or we may realize that we are feeling withdrawn and introspective and then become aware that we are under the influence of the balsamic moon.

If you would like to join in a worldwide Reiki New Moon Meditation, please join with us. We meditate monthly on the second day of the new moon phase, as the new moon energies are growing in strength. I personally meditate at 6 a.m. mountain time, but I also time-capsule the meditation to link with all others who are participating anytime during that day. At each new moon I hold a vision of a world at peace, where humanity honors the earth and every person is living life as their higher self in every moment. Please join me to uphold this vision and allow the energy to empower your personal goals and world vision as well.

In the Light of the Creator . . . We See Only Love

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Karuna Reiki® and the Evolving Human Subtle Energy System

To better understand how Karuna Reiki® is able to create such powerful healing effects it is helpful to know a little about the transpersonal chakras that Karuna Reiki® can activate and permeate.

Because there are many resources that explain the basic chakra system, I will not address the 7 basic chakras. If you wish to read more about them I recommend Anodea Judith’s book, Wheels of Life.

In order for our body to be able to integrate the higher frequency healing rays that are being anchored on the planet at this time, our subtle energy system must be able to hold more light than it has in the past.

The activation of transpersonal chakras, such as the stellar gateway, soul star, causal chakra, etheric heart, earth star and Gaia gateway is vital. This is, in part, what Karuna Reiki® is doing for us. It is helping our transpersonal energy system become more fully activated. Please refer to the diagram for the positioning of these chakras.

The stellar gateway and soul star chakras are portals through which very high frequency light can enter our etheric field. The stellar gateway is like a spiritual barometer that measures the intensity of light our field can hold. The soul star is the filter through which the light is measured and flows. The soul star also facilitates access to our personal library within the akashic records.

The causal chakra is the center that accepts the “dosages” of light that the upper two chakras deliver, and it assists in higher activations of the crown, brow and throat chakras.

The ascending heart and sacred heart chakras house the essence of Universal Compassion and Universal Love. They create a triad via an etheric link with the heart chakra.

There is a holographic projection of the link between these three centers held in the subtle energy field. This hologram is known as the etheric heart. Its purpose is to facilitate communication via the language of light between our soul, the Universal Heart, and the Universal Mind.

Although the diagram depicts the etheric heart in what appears to be a fixed position in our subtle energy field, it is not stationary. We are dealing with a multidimensional light-form that is in constant motion; pulsing in and out of various layers and positions within our etheric field.

When giving a Karuna Reiki® treatment, an awareness that both your energy system and the client’s are affected in the same way is helpful. As we are anchoring these higher frequencies, our energy bodies are able to speak to one another through the language of light. Through this interaction between practitioner and client, Karuna Reiki® receives the “information” that it needs.

Please keep in mind that it is not necessary to have an intellectual understanding of the transpersonal chakra system, or even the basic chakras in order to work with Karuna Reiki. I only give this brief explanation here because it seems to help us better understand how Karuna functions differently than many other healing rays. This can partially explain some of the phenomenal results we see so often with Karuna Reiki.

Remember, this energy knows exactly what to do in every situation, and it knows precisely how to do it. I find it a great honor to facilitate healing by simply being a vehicle for this infinitely wise, Divinely powerful, energy to flow through.

If you have an interest in exploring the transpersonal system from an experiential level I would recommend working with Karuna Reiki® and the following crystals/gemstones.

Kyanite (blue or green), white selenite, golden selenite, moldavite, peridot, tanzanite, kunzite, rose optical calcite, aquamarine, aqua aura, and rutilated topaz.

Note: When working with crystals as indicated in this article, the intention is not to do bodywork on self or others.

The intention for the use of crystals as described here is to help the Karuna Reiki® practitioner develop a deeper understanding of the nature of Karuna energy and their evolving subtle energy system.

Crystal healing is an entire modality in itself and deserves serious and thorough study.

If at anytime you feel lightheaded, scattered or disoriented while working with crystals it is wise to discontinue using them until you feel more grounded. The grounding and focusing techniques found in The Book on Karuna Reiki® may be helpful should this occur.

Reiki In Children's Eyes

As adults, we are always looking for the perfect words to describe or explain something. Usually, we get quite longwinded just trying to get to the point. Children, on the other hand, have a simple explanation of life, if we would just learn to listen to them.

For example, explaining "Reiki" to some new inquiring person: I will go into "spiritually guided life force energy", "electromagnetic energy fields", "chakras and auras", "meridian lines", and even explanations on "negative psychic energy blocks". Sometimes that's just enough to get that bug-eyed, over-informed look on someone's face.

My daughter, Allisia, has taught me just how easy it is to explain "Reiki". One evening after a class, Allisia, then six years old, had not been feeling well. Her sister, Allison, and I decided to give her a Reiki session. After about 10 minutes of Reiki, I asked her if she felt the energy. Without a second of hesitation, a big smile came over her face and she said, "Oh yes Mommy! I feel the Goodness!"

Reiki Helps Heal a Broken Ankle

I would like to share my experience with others to help them understand how powerful Reiki healing energy is as a hands on healing modality and as a complementary natural alternative to be used in conjunction with good medical care. This story contains the validation I had been looking for while sometimes wondering why other people's opinions came across to me as being so very skeptical

Last October, in the early evening, I fell and broke my ankle. As quickly as I realized I was down on the ground, I knew my ankle had gone in one direction and my foot in the other. My son'in'law, Bob, a highly trained EMT, immediately called for an ambulance and immobilized my leg and foot. Having had my First Degree Reiki attunement in early September, I thought it was a good idea to start a Reiki treatment on myself as I knew I was probably facing quite an ordeal. So I began deep breathing relaxation and Reiki. The ambulance crew arrived asking the usual questions and arranging to transport me to the ER. 'Are you in pain?' No, I didn't feel any pain. Although apprehensive it would start any time I continued on with my Reiki

On the way to the hospital my blood pressure was normal and one attendant remarked that my ankle probably was just badly sprained as I had no discomfort or disfiguration and seemed quite in control of the situation

At the hospital the usual questions'how much pain, where, etc.'I continued my Reiki and then a few encouraging comments from the nurses that it was a good sign not to have pain and swelling around my foot/ankle area. The x'rays, however, proved quite another story'I had a very bad 3'way break that would require surgery to insert a metal plate to secure the bones in place

I requested a highly recommended orthopedic doctor to be my surgeon. I remember him making a remark that immediate surgery would be advantageous as conditions were optimal including the fact that I had very little swelling around the broken bones. Totally relaxed and confident that all the prep work was complete'the surgery went ahead very successfully and the rest of the night was a bit hazy but still I felt no pain'no discomfort at all

I can honestly say I waited for any and all medications to wear off. Nothing happened. I felt fine. During the next morning a nurse disconnected my IV/morphine pump and commented that I had not 'hit the button' for any pain medication. I told her I thought what was pumping into me automatically was probably enough as I was quite comfortable. She then informed me that the morphine did not drip automatically and I was not on any pain medication.

Surprised? I sure was'what was the explanation for 'no pain?' Reiki? I am totally convinced it was Cynthia, my Reiki master showed up that morning after surgery and gave me a Reiki treatment and still no pain, no discomfort. I do believe my surgeon was a bit skeptical but I am very pleased that he was open'minded enough to respect my rights to integrate an alternative modality such as Reiki with his medical skills as a surgeon, much to my benefit to 'set things right.

After being released from the hospital my recovery went along normally but I have to add here that I did supplement my diet with a liquid calcium magnesium supplement, a good B vitamin complex as well as several homeopathic remedies and continued with Reiki treatments. Four weeks after the accident my hard cast was removed and I arranged to have acupuncture treatments two to three times per week for the next four weeks. The swelling remained minimal and the flexibility increased almost daily

My surgeon's reaction to seeing my ankle at eight weeks after the surgery was that of surprise and I am pleased he expressed himself honestly saying that my foot looked 'ten times better than he had expected it to.' He told me everything was fine and to call him if I had a problem. To date all is well, I resumed normal walking ability, although slowly at first, but then quickly progressed without the use of any aid to driving, climbing stairs, etc

At this time I have no problems whatsoever. This little escapade is over as far as I am concerned. I do not wear any type of support hose, ace bandage support, wraps, etc. just a good leather tie shoe

As for me and my Reiki, I will continue to practice and document my little stories from time to time. I received my Second Reiki Degree during my convalescence and I have found Reiki to be very helpful also as a wife, mother, grandmother and friend. Many days a little Reiki has soothed a bump on the head of a little grandson, a friend with an achy back, a mother with arthritic pain, and a husband tired and stressed. I will be receiving my Reiki Mastership very soon from Cynthia Morrone'Siswick who has been extremely helpful, encouraging and supportive as my Reiki Master. I can only hope that I can continue on in the traditional Reiki spirit that she practices for the good of everyone around her

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Strengthen Your Reiki Energy

The strength and value of the Reiki treatments you give can be improved by observing some simple guidelines. There are other things you can also do that will increase the strength of our Reiki. Remember, Reiki comes from an unlimited supply and contains the loving wisdom of the highest spiritual power. There is no limit to the benefit and value that is possible for you to receive from Reiki. As you try the techniques in this article, intend that they will work for you and know in your heart that this is right and you will get the improved results you seek.

The quality of the energy in the room you do your Reiki treatments in is important if improved results are what you seek. Make sure the room is not too hot or too cool. Make sure there is fresh air from an open window or that the room is not stuffy. A clean and orderly room is also helpful as negative psychic energy tends to collect around disorder and clutter Smudge the room with sage before and after a treatment to release any negative energies left by past clients and to act as a blessing. As you smudge, call in the ancestors and the ascended masters and Reiki guides asking them to bless you and your client and to help you with your healing treatment. Place pictures of Dr. Usui, Dr. Hayashi, and Mrs. Takata around the room and ask them to be present also. The use of incense, essential oils or fresh flowers will also act to raise the vibration. Soothing music during the treatment will help the client move into a more receptive state of mind.

Before the client comes, sit in a meditative state with your hands on your legs doing Reiki on yourself. Then after a few minutes, use your dominate hand to intently draw the Reiki Power symbol in light on each wall, and on the ceiling and floor. As you do this state "I bless this room with light" three times for each place. Then draw the power symbol in the center of the room and send Reiki into the room to fill the room with healing energy. You can also send distant Reiki to your client while they are on their way to the session so they will be relaxed and in a receptive state when they arrive.

Before starting the treatment, place the power and master symbols on your palm chakras. This will more completely open the palm chakras and energize them. Then draw a large power symbol down the front of your body to protect and empower you and draw smaller power symbols on each chakra. Placing the symbols into the clients crown chakra, and seeing them pass into the clients heart is also valuable before starting as it raises the vibration of the treatment and makes the energy of the symbols more available.

It is an interesting feature of Reiki that when giving a treatment, Reiki will continue to flow regardless of what you do with your mind. You can talk to others about any subject - including trivial matters, or gossip or even talk on the phone and Reiki will continue to flow and the client will receive some benefit. However, this sort of behavior does not produce the best results with Reiki. It must be kept in mind that giving Reiki is a spiritual experience and is more appropriately given with reverence. By meditating on the flow of Reiki as it passes through you, rather than talking, you will not only experience the energy more directly, but will also increase its flow. As you meditate on the Reiki energy, your mind merges with it and causes your energy field to resonate in greater harmony with the flow of Reiki, thus allowing it to flow more freely. As you do this, you may feel currents of energy flowing through various parts of your body including your spine, chakras, arms and hands. You may also feel heat, soothing sensations, vibrations, pulsations or waves of energy passing through you. By using your inner eye, you may also be able to see the Reiki energy. This may appear as tiny particles of white or golden light, or other colors of energy flowing through you. As you meditate and merge with these sensations, your mind will be uplifted, becoming more optimistic. Feelings of joy, peace and spiritual love will be experienced. Wonderfully positive fantasies and visions of higher spiritual planes can also be experienced. By going inward and looking up through your crown chakra, it is even possible to psychically travel up to the source of Reiki and merge with it. All these experiences are very enjoyable and can be deeply healing for the practitioner at the same time that they increase the benefit to the client. As you meditate on Reiki in this way, you will also be opening the pathways through which Reiki is able to flow, thus increasing the strength of Reiki you are channeling to your client. This is a very enjoyable way to improve the quality of the Reiki you give.

Adding prayer to your Reiki treatments is also an effective way to increase its strength. While your are giving a treatment, you can pray out loud or to yourself. Call on the ascended Reiki masters, or on Jesus, St. Germain, Buddha, Krishna, Babaji, or other ascended masters, angels, or spirit guides, or pray directly to the infinite God/Goddess or to the Reiki energy itself. As you pray, ask that your Reiki be strengthened and ask it to bless you and your client. Ask it to bless and guide your Reiki practice and to guide you in increasing its strength and the benefit it provides you and those you treat. Accept the fact that there is no limit to the value and healing power that is available to you and ask that you be blessed with an abundance of healing, loving spiritual energy so that you will be of greater service to others. Combine your prayers with the above technique of merging with the energy and feeling it as it flows through you. By praying as you do Reiki, your prayers will be more powerful because when doing Reiki, you are more directly connected to the higher power which is the source of all answered prayer.

Attracting a special healing guide(s) that will work with you will also improve your treatments. While Reiki comes directly from God, there are spiritual guides who are adept at healing. They can add their Reiki energies to yours and also channel Reiki directly to the client. Many have reported that they felt additional hands on them and the presence of someone else in the room during a Reiki treatment. Having a sincere desire to help and praying that a healing guide or angel will come to help you can bring this about. Also, using the "Meet Your Reiki Guides" tape listed in the newsletter can create this connection.

Some Reiki practitioners report that their Reiki seems to have lost some of its power and they wonder why this happens and what can be done to get it back. It is a fact that when doing Reiki, the practitioner also receives a treatment. When this happens, sometimes negative energy is loosened and begins to move through the practitioners system on its way out. This energy can sometimes get stuck temporarily so that ones Reiki tends to work on the practitioner more than flowing to others. What is needed is for the practitioner to receive a treatment. This will release the blocked energy and restore the flow of Reiki. Remember, we need to maintain a balance of Reiki by treating ourselves, giving treatments to others and receiving treatments from others.

Your Reiki can also increase when you take your next level of Reiki training. The attunement for the next level and the use of the symbol(s) that go with it can definitely improve the quality of your Reiki treatments. This is regularly reported to occur by most students. One practitioner reported that his wife was in continuous pain which was only partially and temporally removed with his Reiki II treatments. After taking the Master training, one treatment using the Master symbol completely released the pain and it didn't return. Your Reiki can also improve by receiving additional attunements for the same level you already have. Even though you need only one attunement to have Reiki for the rest of your life, extra attunements for the same level you have will further refine and strengthen your Reiki. Many Masters will give extra attunements for free or for a low fee. Sometimes new Masters need people to practice on, go ahead and volunteer. A group of Masters can practice attunements on each other and strengthen their Reiki at the same time. Have each Master give the Master attunement to each person in the group. If you have five Masters, then each will receive four Master attunements and give four. This can be very powerful.

Chi Gong and Tai Chi are methods of developing your Chi and opening the pathways that Chi or Ki flows through. The pathways that are opened in these exercises are the same ones that Reiki flows through. On the average, most people who have practiced this type of moving meditation have stronger Reiki than those who have not. Find a teacher you feel comfortable with and take up the regular practice of Chi Gong or Tai Chi and not only will it be healthy for you, but your Reiki will also improve.

It is possible to use self-hypnosis and meditation as well as affirmations to improve your Reiki. Simply enter self-hypnosis or meditation and suggest to yourself that your Reiki is getting stronger and stronger and stronger and it will. You can also do this while giving a treatment.

Playing the "Chanting Reiki Masters" tape while give a treatment can also improved the value of your Reiki. The tape was made by 18 Reiki Masters who chanted the names of all four Reiki symbols into a microphone while intending that all who hear the sound will be healed. Most who play the tape while giving a treatment notice an improvement in the quality of their Reiki.

Placing sacred pictures in your Reiki room when you are doing Reiki can also increase the value of your treatments. This includes pictures of Jesus, Buddha, Krishna or any other spiritual teacher or great being. The Beaming Reiki Masters picture in the back of "Reiki, The Healing Touch" will also raise the vibration of your treatments as well as the Antakarana that is given in the Master training. You can place these cards under your Reiki table or on the wall of your healing room.

These are a few methods of improving the strength of your Reiki. Try them. Also remember that Reiki has it's own consciousness and by simply intending to find ways to improve the value you pass on to others with your treatments, and by being open to its guidance, the Reiki energy will guide you to additional ways. Reiki comes from an infinite supply. There is no limit to the healing power that is available to you. Focus on love and compassion. Trust in your inner guidance and take action on it. You will not be disappointed.

Healing Relationships With Reiki

As we progress on our journey through life, many opportunities are presented to develop relationships with other people. When we are small children, we form our relationship with ourself, our parents, siblings and other family members. When we go to school we add our friends, peers, and teachers to our lives. As young adults, romantic relationships often become the focus. If we choose to marry, or otherwise commit ourselves to another person, the romantic relationship brings us almost back to the beginning, as we now have new family members and friends to relate with.

Reiki is a very effective tool to assist in creating and nurturing successful relationships in your life. The first step is to recognize that each relationship is a living creation. It is a special blend of energies between people. Once you recognize the relationship as a life form, it becomes much easier to detach your thoughts and emotions and be able to serve as a channel of healing energy which is directed tothe relationship.

When there is an imbalance in a relationship, it is very often rooted in power issues, and/or fear. The first step in healing a relationship with Reiki is to identify the areas of weakness or imbalance. You need to focus on the action of identifying these areas. It is often helpful to select an object, that can physically represent the relationship. Items like pictures, crystals, or gifts the parties have given to each other can serve very effectively in this role.

The purpose of selecting an object is to more clearly focus the healing energy when you are working on the relationship, and to give you a point of reference to visualize when conflicts arise. For example you may wish to select a quartz cluster to represent your family relationship with your parents, or a tantric twin crystal for a life partner. By selecting the object to use in your meditations and healing work, you can bring the energy of it to you through visualization by simply thinking of the object.

Often there are weaknesses in relationships that produce symptoms which are very much on the surface, and only glimpses of the real issues. As The Course in Miracles teaches us; "I am never angry for the reason I think I am." We attract relationships into our lives to assist with our growth. A very common way this happens is for a person who faces lessons of power and control to select a relationship with either a very controlling, or a very docile person. Learning to bring this energy into balance is vital for the relationship to survive, or to transform peacefully.

To determine the issues you need to work on to heal your relationship, select the object which represents the relationship. Find a special place to keep it, an altar, a table or shelf, where you can keep other items away from it so the energy field is not disrupted. If you want to carry your object with you keep it in a special carrying case, or perhaps a scarf. Find a quiet time and place where you will not be interrupted by the telephone, or other people. Sit or stand before the object in a comfortable position, and create a prayer of intent. Something like;

"Creator, Infinite Spirit, Mother Father God, I request the presence of the Angels and Archangels of Healing, my Reiki guides and forces, and the purest and most holy spiritual guides. I ask that these energies gather with me at this time for the purpose of healing the relationship of (name all parties involved). I ask that I be guided to determine the imbalances in the relationship, and that the lessons needed be made clear so all concerned may grow with Divine Love. Thank you for this guidance. Amen."

Then draw all the Reiki symbols you are attuned to over the object, and invoke the sacred name of each symbol three times as you draw them. (If you are a Reiki I practitioner you can do this without the symbols) Then draw the symbols on your palms, crown, third eye, throat and heart chakras. When this process is complete ask the Reiki energy to flow fully and completely through you for the purpose of clarity and healing this relationship. Let the energy flow as long as you feel it. The first time you empower the object it is good to try to allow at least 30 minutes for this work. Subsequent work can be accomplished sometimes in 5 minutes, but try to allow at least 15.

When you feel the process is complete seal it in Divine Love and Healing. It is very important to then acknowledge the healing that has taken place by giving thanks to all the guides and forces which assisted you, and send Reiki back to them. This is to balance the energies between you and your guides, and to create a complete acknowledgment within your entire spiritual, mental, emotional and physical being that your prayer has been answered and the healing has taken place. This signals to your mental and emotional being to be aware on the conscious level when issues present themselves in the relationship, that they are being offered as opportunities to heal. As each and every issue comes up ask why it is presented to you, what is the source of your discomfort with it, and how can you perceive it in a positive light?

You will be presented with the answers in many forms, so be open and aware. God speaks to us in infinite ways.

Often problems in relationships are simply related to the perspective in which we see things. We each live in our own Perspective Reality, based on our experiences. When we can step into another's Perspective Reality and see the situation through their eyes, based on knowledge of their experiences, it is much easier to understand one another. When we understand something, we no longer fear it, and our relationship is healed. Remember, Reiki always produces results on some level, and no prayer goes unanswered. Wishing you much peace and joy in all your relationships.

Reiki and Breast Cancer

This is a story of courage, hope and success in one woman's healing from breast cancer.

By nature I am a practical and cautious person. My educational background is in science, I hold a B.S. in zoology and a Ph.D. in microbiology. Serious illnesses have transformed my life in unexpected ways, drawing me into the world of complementary medicine.

Using my own combination of therapies, I was successful in healing from multiple sclerosis. In June of 1996 I was diagnosed with two different cancers, one in each breast. At the time I was only 44 years old and had few major risk factors for breast cancer.

After much consideration I chose to combine conventional medicine with my own blend of unconventional therapies. I integrated surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, Reiki, spiritual connection, energy balancing, visualization, psychotherapy, affirmations and yoga. I formed a healing circle for family and friends who sent me positive energy and prayers. At every stage I used Reiki, sometimes in quite unusual ways. I never felt helpless because I could use Reiki, regardless of what was happening to me.

I used Reiki directly on the larger tumor, which did not vanish, but according to the pathology report, the cancer was breaking down. There could be other explanations besides Reiki, but it was an intriguing finding.

Before surgery, I was quite fearful. I decided to give myself Reiki sessions regularly and for about two weeks I sent Reiki every night to the surgeon and the surgical team to ensure the best healing experience for all of us. The surgery was to take place in a large teaching hospital and I was afraid that my needs would get lost in the cold technical atmosphere.

On the day of surgery I encountered only warm and supportive people. I requested only local anesthesia so I could be fully aware the whole time. I was able to speak to each person on the medical team myself. I sent Reiki into the cold surgical suite.

As surgery progressed, I asked to see the tissue samples that were excised, sending them off to the lab with my blessing. Everyone was most caring and considerate. My sense was that the Reiki energy set up a deeply healing experience for all members of the team, including me. I felt most empowered and the surgeon, nurses, resident and medical students were exposed to a very different way of doing medicine.

After surgery I sent Reiki directly into the bandaged areas. Even though large amounts of tissue were removed, I needed painkillers for only one day following the double lumpectomy. Scarring has been minimal and internal healing has been amazing. Much of the breast tissue has filled back in!

About a month after surgery I prepared for four chemotherapy sessions, as recommended by my medical team. To prepare for this I had an advanced Reiki attunement, and received a full Reiki treatment before each session. Bill Farber, the Reiki Master/Practitioner also did some psychic surgery.

The night following each chemotherapy session I used 10 to 15 minutes of Reiki treatments directly on my abdomen, along with accupressure bands on my wrists to control nausea. Reiki also helped boost my immune function. As seen in blood tests prior to each chemotherapy session, my immune cells stayed within normal healthy range, allowing me to complete the treatments on time.

The night before my last chemo treatment, after much consideration and consultation with a number of health care professionals, I decided not to take the anti-nausea drugs that were prescribed for nighttime. I felt the negative side effects of these drugs outweighed the positive benefits for me, but this was a very personal decision. In addition to Reiki, this time I used energy balancing techniques, a ritual to call spiritual guides to my aid, and used Reiki to bless my drinking water. I incorporated affirmations from the book "Heal Your Body" by Louise Hay.

I listened very carefully when my body spoke to me. If it wanted three sips of water, I gave it exactly three sips of water. I made it through the night and awoke clear headed, feeling a tremendous sense of empowerment and success.

One month later I began radiation treatments. I used Reiki to help recover from the burns, as well as the emotional and spiritual effects of cancer treatment, which is very stressful.

Probably my most unusual use of Reiki was during the actual administration of the gamma rays. I drew the Reiki Master power symbol and the distant symbol in the path of the radiation beam, calling on the spiritual guides to help protect me from harm and to help send the gamma ray energy to the earth, which is so in need of energy. I also used visualization techniques. I continued this during 23 sessions, each time with eight different positions.

I continued to use Reiki in the post-cancer treatment recovery period. I knew from my inner guidance that the cancer was gone and would not return. All medical tests done so far confirm this. I have done what I needed to do to heal completely on all levels, body, mind and spirit. Reiki was a crucial part of my integrated approach to recovery from life-threatening illness and difficult medical treatment.

I think this is the future of Reiki, that each individual will find the combination of healing tools that is right for them, selecting from a large "menu" of choices. We are limited only by our openness and our imagination. It has been my experience that the healing of one individual heals all around them.

I continue to use Reiki on a daily basis in my own journey to wholeness. I have also created two volumes entitled: Shrink Wrapped and Heat Sealed: Writings to Nurture and Heal Body, Mind and Spirit Book I and Book 2. These contain the writings I collected during my cancer treatment, including poems, photographs, letters and inner listening conversations. These pieces have been very healing for me and for others. I use them in my workshop series "Expanding Our Possibilities", which is designed for groups of adults or children. If children learn these skills early, they'll be better able to heal as they go through life. My intention is to spread the word!