Tuesday, December 20, 2005

What can Reiki treat?

Reiki is a particularly gentle technique because it is non-invasive and non-manipulative. Treatments can be used to facilitate physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. Treatments can be done on oneself, others, animals, plants, etc. Reiki treatments can be used for nearly all conditions, with little or no side effects (some clients may experience light-headedness, sinus drainage, increased gastrointestinal activity, etc.)
Reiki treatments usually take an hour to an hour and one-half, but short treatments can also be effective. Sometimes they are given on a table (such as a massage table), or mini-treatments can be given with the client seated in a chair. Generally, full Reiki treatments involve the practitioner moving his/her hands through a series of positions on the face, head, the front of the body from the throat region to the hips, and the back from the neck down to the tailbone. Reiki is also effective in treating injuries: bruises, cuts, etc. It can help to alleviate pain and speed healing.
Reiki treatments can also be done at a distance from the client. With the client's permission, energy can be transmitted to a client from far away. Distance and emotional healing are learned in the second level of training

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